All about CPSP-K and Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

A thorough account about CPSP exams and the course as a whole. Must read for every new student.
We address questions such as: What are the requirements to sit for the CPSP K exams? What units are undertaken in each section? When I register to for exams am I also registered for KISM Membership? How much do I  for the exams? Do I attend classes or self-study? When are the examination dates? Are there exemptions? Are the exams hard? What’s the relationship between KASNEB and KISM?
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Professional Certification is Mandatory for All Practicing Procurement Officers

All procurement professionals in Kenya must now go back to class to acquire certification following the enactment of a new law, which makes it mandatory for supply chain officers to be licensed. Those who violate the new requirement face a fine or a term in jail.
The Kenya Institute of Supplies Management, the regulatory body for procurement experts, warned that those found practising without the necessary qualifications risk a Sh100,000 fine and a two-year jail term…..